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Bio for Dr. Arden Bercovitz
aka The Einstein Guy

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Offering audiences a novel speaker experience, Dr. Arden Bercovitz speaks in character as Albert Einstein, sharing insights, inspiration and innovative ways of thinking. Dr. Arden Bercovitz works with people in organizations to break down mental barriers and overcome resistance to change, opening them up to new possibilities and new ways of resolving problems. Resulting ideas and changes impact entire organizations.

A Scientist Speaking Through A Scientist... Dr. Bercovitz captures the essence of Dr. Albert Einstein because he's also a scientist, with a love of science and a spirit of curiosity. Dr. Bercovitz's Ph.D. is in Reproductive Endocrinology from the University of Missouri, Columbia. His academic training was multidisciplinary, with emphasis on the environment and nutrition. After earning his Ph.D., Dr. Bercovitz worked for nearly thirteen years as a reproductive physiologist for the Center for Research for Endangered Species at the world famous San Diego Zoo.

Experienced with various facets of the learning process, Dr. Bercovitz holds a lifetime teaching credential, taught at elementary and college levels, and served as Dean of Learning Assessment for a private university. To this day, along with this corporate, association, and government programs, he presents Science and Math programs to K-12 students and their families. He received Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) status from the National Speakers Association in 1998.

Clients come from an array of industries: pharmaceutical, bio science, technology, manufacturing, education, medical, utilities, financial, non profits, engineering, telecom, government, and K-12 schools and universities. Dr. Bercovitz's message and value applies to sales and marketing, legal, R&D, HR, engineering, management at all levels, executives, and, of course, entire organizations. Specific clients include Pfizer, Meridian Bioscience, Eastman Chemical, Unilever, Illinois Tool Works, California Teachers Association, Columbus Children's Hospital, American Gas Association, Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers, Heart of America, Iowa Society of Professional Engineers, Lucent, US Marine Corps, and Mc Gill University.

A speaker with universal appeal, Dr. Bercovitz creates a magical experience that works well in a classroom, conference room, ballroom, or boardroom. He clicks with school kids and their families as well as organization-wide audiences and your most sophisticated executives, knowledge workers, customers, clients, and suppliers. Style and substance, colorful anecdotes, metaphors and intelligent humor set the stage for extraordinary progress and stress-reducing fun. He helps organizations to grow strong and prosperous by teaching people to be resourceful, resilient, reliable, and open to new ideas.

Albert Einstein Diversity and Communication quotes
"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."
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Anne Tiernan, Exec. Dir., Seattle Federal Executive Board

Given the serious tone in our nation because of the September 11 terrorists attacks, it was important that Arden hit the right balance of sympathy, a call to action, humor and encouragement. His content is timeless and challenging. A big hit.
- Richard Scott, VP AMR Investments, Dallas Assoc Financial Professionals

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