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Why Choose Einstein Alive?

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Einstein Alive is the "someone unique" you've been looking for.

"Problems," said Einstein, "cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."

Dr. Arden Bercovitz has devoted his entire career to helping organizations and their people face inevitable change in ways that are intelligent, creative and productive. Barriers will be broken, new opportunities will be uncovered, and powerful results are possible, with the proper approach and Dr. B's help. His very appearance, in character as Albert Einstein, indicates that an organization is ready for significant change, even a transformation of thoughts and actions.

Dr. B's mission is to help all of us discover our inner Einstein, and to tune-in to our own personal expressions of genius. We can accomplish extraordinary results by simply unlocking and learning how to use this natural potential. Einstein provides an inspirational example of what diligence, training, imagination, and intuition can reveal about new and ingenious ways of seeing and understanding the world around us. Einstein Alive motivational keynotes and workshops present powerful tools designed to encourage and catalyze new ways of thinking and innovative problem solving, just as Einstein himself might approach challenges we commonly face today. With his entertaining and unique character-driven delivery, Dr. B is just the motivational speaker to open minds and exceed ordinary outcomes.

Einstein Alive is motivating, memorable, and customized to your needs.

"The world as we see it," said Einstein, "is only the world as we see it. Others may see it differently."

Dr. B takes the time to fit his message content to your organization's culture. Current challenges are clarified and viable alternatives are systematically crafted, based on Dr. B's methodical pre-program research, thorough interviews, and thoughtful planning. Take home values are optimized with his optional and revealing post-program debriefing. Audiences today demand an information experience that's educational, entertaining, and immediately relevant - and Dr. B's keynotes and workshops deliver. He's also able to make on-the-spot adjustments in program content to accommodate anecdotes, questions and comments contributed by your attendees.

Dr. B creates a magical experience that works as well in a ballroom as in a boardroom. He clicks with organization-wide audiences or your most sophisticated executives or customers. Style and substance, colorful stories with intelligent humor, and Dr. B's creative example set the stage for extraordinary progress and stress-reducing fun.

Hundreds of satisfied clients over the past 19 years testify to the obvious benefits from an audience with Dr. B: more innovative products, value-added services, more sales, better business processes, and effective strategic results. The bottom line for Dr. B is to deliver keynote speeches brimming with insightful details and practical exercises in playfully provocative and creative ways. Resistance to change is weakened and resilience for long-term success is strengthened. The inclusion of accelerated learning techniques boosts the reception and retention of adult learners and their capability to implement effective adaptations when they return to work.

Einstein's buzz is building; now is the perfect time to plan a special visit.

"100 years ago Einstein rocked our universe - and we're still reeling," said biographer W. Isaacson.

Call today to book Einstein Alive.

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"Creativity is seeing what everyone sees and thinking what no one has ever thought."
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Anne Tiernan, Exec. Dir., Seattle Federal Executive Board

A playful, fun, and meaningful way to get your managers to see that the solutions to the challenges really do lie within them.
- Sue Wilburn, Training/Development Specialist, Columbus Children's Hospital

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