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"An intellectual feast that is guaranteed to build mental muscle."
-- Dr Tony Alessandra, author of "Charisma" and "The Platinum Rule", Alessandra, Tony

"Extraordinary. Einstein set the tone...helped us open our eyes...effective, credible, persuasive. I received compliments throughout...brilliant...one of the absolute highlights."
-- David Fetterman, Professor, Stanford University, American Evaluation Assoc

"What a great way to change tradition and set the pace! You mesmerized everyone and helped shift our consciousness to new heights. People did not stop thanking me for planning Albert's visit. Your mix of content and humor was a perfect blend for us. You exceeded my expectations!"
-- Ken Snyder, IS Committee Chair, American Gas Association

"I enjoyed and received the best information from your's. I will be able to use your techniques in my life and in the life of my firm."
-- Juan R. Self, Attendee, American Institute of Architects

"A big hit and one of the highlights of the entire program. Unique and thought provoking."
-- Terry DeWitt, President, American Institute of Architects

"Highly creative presentation. A fantastic hit! Have heard nothing but enthusiastic praise. Sharing your insights on leadership, creative thinking, and time management while assuming the role of Albert Einstein was literally a stroke of genius - and our audience loved it, as you can see from this sampling of their comments: * Very energizing, informative and entertaining! * One of the best speakers I've ever seen! * Made you think about the way you think. * AWESOME! APA members and staff alike appreciated the many tips you gave them on how to think and act more creatively and effectively. By the way, our staff members now routinely look out to avoid 'schlimmbes' (tm) because they don't want to be guilty of making any 'improvement' that make things worse. Once again, thanks for a thought-provoking and most enjoyable presentation."
-- Dan Maddux, Executive Director, American Payroll Association

"A tremendous success. Numerous members came up to me to express appreciation. Extraordinary."
-- Eric Parks, Ph.D., Programs, American Society Training & Development - Orange County

"Helpful, creative, positive reminders of how we can make changes in our behaviors, or influence others...even during the busiest times. Many, many positive comments."
-- Alice Bimrose, Programs, American Society Training & Development - Phoenix

"A glimpse into the great mind of Albert Einstein, and, a fresh look at our industry. Your research was thorough and very much appreciated by our members. A unique opportunity our attendees won't soon forget."
-- Russell Lemieux, Exec Dir, Assoc Fund Raisers & Direct Sellers

"Brilliant presentation. Thorough research...a very customized feel...enjoyed your enthusiasm and energy...your memorable anecdotes and lessons have been incorporated into our culture - a testament to your capacity as a teacher, presenter and change agent. Terrific contribution."
-- Gregory Peterson, VP Public Affairs, Biogen Idec

"So convincing that I often had to look around the room just to come back to reality. Your knowledge and understanding of Einstein's humanistic philosophy, as well as his scientific theories is indeed remarkable. The breadth of your knowledge was especially evident during Q & A. A perfect balance of entertainment, education, and inspirational thinking."
-- Peter Michaud, Planetarium Manager, Bishop Museum

"WOW! Very well-received by teachers, administrators and classified staff. Since we are facing change, some of the quotes from Albert Einstein, especially, "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them." were particularly apt. On the evaluations, over and over again, people commented that the luncheon speaker (Arden) was . . . "Just great--so different and fun." "Really made me think!" "We should have more like him." "Wow--at last, a speaker who really knew who we were and addressed our needs with intelligence and wit!" "We loved the 'No Schlimbe' buttons. People in our group were fighting over them!" All evaluations were marked excellent with a few "very goods" from the cranky folks. You were simply--in a word--great!"
-- Pat Hansmeyer , Public Information Manager, CA Regional Occupation Program (ROP)

"Wonderful inspiring presentation to some of the most motivated and gifted high school students in Southern California, at our annual Jr. Science & Humanities Symposium. It was clear from their many thoughtful questions that they were enthused with your genuine presentation."
-- Kenneth E. Phillips, Ph.D., Aerospace Curator, California Museum Science & Industry

"Numerous enthusiastic remarks. Your preparation really showed!"
-- Dick Filson, Co-chair Convention Committee, California Science Teachers Association

?A speaker with a difference. Converts everyday information into new thoughts and directions. Engaged our imaginations, provoked thoughts. Encourages and reinforces. Incorporates worldly concepts to teaching. Made me laugh and smile. Incredible speaker. Many wonderful ideas came to me while listening to this exceptionally motivating speaker. Took us back to the roots of why we want to teach! Enlightening. Light-hearted and uplifting, while offering ?food for thought.? The ideal closing speaker.?
-- Composite, Teachers, California Teachers Association

"Held us in the palm of your hand!"
-- L Nodello, Marketing Manager, Canadian Retail Hardware Assoc

"Excellent portrayal. You really "dug" to get a feel for the issues our company is facing and it showed. Several participants have asked if we can have you back."
-- Ron Canham, HR Manager, Carondelet Health Care

"Delivery was superb, the content and heart of your message are outstanding and needed."
-- Norma Hagenow, VP, Carondelet Health Care

"Congratulations on earning your CSP. As a Certified Speaking Professional you're now among the top few percent of the entire speaking industry. You have placed yourself in distinction by sustained effort over a long period of time, dedication to professional education and continued growth as a person and as a professional in this business. I admire your commitment and heartily congratulate you on your receipt of this distinction. Way to go!
-- Jim Cathcart, Founder & President, Cathcart Institute

"Great thoughts need to be delivered in the right way or people will not recognize their greatness. Arden brings both humor and credibility to the character and the thoughts of Albert Einstein. Bring Arden and Al to your next meeting."
-- Jim Cathcart, author, Cathcart Institute

"Excellent combination of wit, fundamental wisdom, and recent events. Numerous compliments...Arden was the best speaker we ever had."
-- Joe Dunlavy, VP Operations, and Tony Bitner, Programs, Cessna Aircraft Natl Mgmt Assoc

"There is no better way to open a conference on clear thinking than with one of the greatest thinkers of all time, Albert Einstein."
-- Mike Curran, Independent Meeting Planner, Chilcurn Communications

"A playful, fun, and meaningful way to get your managers to see that the solutions to the challenges really do lie within them."
-- Sue Wilburn, Training/Development Specialist, Columbus Children's Hospital

"You explain everything I try to explain in a very unique and motivating way."
-- Manny Gonzales, COO, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

"What a charge Dr. Einstein turned out to be! The audience was expecting some industry corporate guy; imagine their surprise, and delight, when Albert Einstein, in his gray flannel vest, sauntered to the microphone. It was rich! He was a high-water mark for our event."
-- Rick Altman, Meeting Planner, CORELWORLD User Conference

"You were 'spot on' for us and our teams really loved your thoughts, insights, and performance."
-- John DeFord, VP Science & Technology, CR Bard, Inc

"Given the serious tone in our nation because of the September 11 terrorists attacks, it was important that Arden hit the right balance of sympathy, a call to action, humor and encouragement. His content is timeless and challenging. A big hit."
-- Richard Scott, VP AMR Investments, Dallas Assoc Financial Professionals

"I have received many pats on the back."
-- Pat Canfield, Programs, Dallas Womans' Club

"Your evaluation was the highest, ever! If anyone has any questions about your ability to research a group and come up with a fascinating presentation oriented directly at their members, please have them call me personally. I'll gladly vouch for you - and Albert."
-- Ron Proulx, Programs, Data Processing Mgmt Assoc

"The first time I saw Arden perform as Einstein the experience was remarkable. I was watching my own child and I literally forgot it was him, because he had become Einstein. Good acting, like that, is very convincing..."
-- Helen Bercovitz, , Dr. B's Mom

"Einstein at the Earth Charter Community Summit was a big hit! Participants were completely surprised to have the good doctor present in their midst and Einstein's words gave us all a lot to think about as the rest of the day's program unfolded. All day long, people were thanking me for bringing you to our Summit."
-- Karen Holmgren, Coordinator, Earth Charter Community Summit

"One of the highlights . If you need some references, just call on me."
-- Henry Gonzales, Senior Research Associate, Eastman Chemical

"Very 'stimulational!' You stimulated more conversation among our membership - and have us looking for ways to make our new Creativity Center even more valuable."
-- Gary Knight, President, Economic Development Council - San Diego North

"You really impressed me with your integration of our 'high tech' terminology and your lessons on learning. The next day, all the groups used principles learned from you....will be applied consistently over the next year."
-- George Courville, Director of Marketing, Edwards High Vacuum Intl

"Thank you for helping us nearly DOUBLE the number of leads we captured. Your presentations, sales focus, energy and enthusiasm made the difference. The customer "Food for Thought" breakfast extended our reach...customers came away with a new appreciation for creativity and scientific process. Feedback from sales engineers and managers who manned the booth is incredibly positive! Our sales folks also found new inspiration. You made me look good - and you helped Edwards differentiate ourselves positively. We couldn't have done it without you!"
-- Gwynne Jamieson, Mgr Mktg Communications, Edwards High Vacuum Intl

"Arden, thanks again for your entertaining "brain awakeners" at IDEAworks (our second annual conference for mortgage banking visionaries.) Our goal was for you to lead the group through mental calisthenics and get them thinking outside the box. Mission accomplished."
-- Phil Huff, CEO & President, eLynx, Ltd.

"Thank you for taking the time to follow up with the NYIB attendees. I enjoyed your presentation at the event very much and will look forward to using you as a creative resource in the future. We need all the help we can get."
-- Lana McCallie, President/CEO, Employees Credit Union

"Magnificent! Everything the perfect speech should have-- content, humor, flow, relevance and connection. Your ability to teach Einsteinian thought for the application everyday life is extraordinary. Everyone walked out with something new."
-- Jack McClendon, Jr., Founder and Director, EncourageMint

"I felt I was in the presence of the great scientist himself. Not only does Bercovitz sound and look like Einstein, his knowledge and attention to historical detail really convinced me. As I watched totally enthralled, I kept thinking what a perfect character to develop for the planetarium medium -- much like the Hal Holbrook/Mark Twain metamorphosis!"
-- Dennis Mammana, Staff Astronomer, Fleet Space Theater/Science Center

"We continue to get fabulous reports back from all fronts - Einstein Alive was successful beyond all my expectations."
-- Peter Michaud, Public Information and Outreach Manager, Gemini Observatory

"Fabulous--and my husband is a physicist, so I also know he was correct in how he explained his science. What a bonus for the kids who had a chance to see him and ask questions--if any of them pursue science as a result, what a wonderful result. My husband and I so enjoyed the evening. I would not want him to come back without our knowing--so if you do have a list, please add us!"
-- Sherry Bracken, attendee, Gemini Observatory sponsored public event

"I'm impressed with your knowledge and the way you spin the things together. Fascinating. It loosens up thinking so one can be creative, see anew, allow new visions. It even worked for me 'cuz I hold onto things, and that blocks out newer ways of seeing. It was a joy to listen to you. You are wonderful!!!!! And so interesting."
-- Doris Roth, , got her Masters Degree in her 70

"Absolutely loved your presentation. What a tremendous message!!!!!!! I'm not sure what person I should address, because you are so darn convincing. You have a fan for life."
-- Elsa Barcelos-Sapp, National Acct Exec, GTE Public Communications

"Captured the audience's attention immediately and held it throughout his fascinating and original routine. Feedback was 100% positive...exactly on target with my goals."
-- D Bowman, Regional President CA, GTE S CA Region

"You truly helped us to set the right feeling....exactly what we were looking for for our opening presentation."
-- Mika Halttunen, Founding Owner, Halton Group

"More than ever, America needs to hear messages that matter, messages of hope, or more specifically, your message. You have the power to individually impact audiences, boost morale, and help businesses see a bright future. Thank you for your continued efforts as you...help lift the spirits of Americans."
-- Katy Ballenger, Manager, Heart of America

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, it was meaningful and I know we will move forward on our goals more quickly as a result of your message and encouragement. I appreciated your work in interviewing us and getting to know HTC before you arrived."
-- Sharon Grossbach , President, Hennepin Technical College

"The real Einstein couldn't have done it better!"
-- Sharon Mohr, Dir HR, Hennepin Technical College

"Fantastic job!...Einstein understood us! Your voice and mannerisms instantly made us feel comfortable... Your insights were readily accepted. Einstein's insights are still applicable today. Managers are sharing Einstein quotes and insights in their staff meetings. A complete success!"
-- Jennifer Horton, HTMC President, Hughes Missile Systems

"A highlight of our annual users conference was luncheon speaker Dr. Einstein (aka Dr. Bercovitz). Dr. B captivated our clients and promoted our conference theme (Driving Innovation Together) by providing new insights for thinking differently with more creativity. Many in our audience sought him out after lunch to learn more."
-- Susan Wagy, Marketing Manager, IBM GTS / Genelco Software Solutions

"Very inspirational and a great wrap up our four day conference."
-- Wendy Schultz, Conference Coordinator, Illinois 4-H

"Who better to discuss the importance of value and innovation than Albert Einstein, himself! A great way to kick off three days of innovation, creativity and fun. Your preparation really showed through and connected. We're developing our strategies to keep your message alive."
-- T Meier, General Manager - ITW Fastex, Illinois Tool Works - Fastex/Jemco

"The crowd loved you! You really had us stretching our minds and, as one lady in the audience told me at the break, you were 'gentle' as you challenged our thought processes. Very impressed with the amount of research you did about us...added significantly to the quality of our program."
-- Larry Kees, Executive Vice President, Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers WA

"Innovative, inspiring, and creative. Einstein's reappearance at odd times throughout the conference held our attention, and left us wishing for more."
-- Carder Hunt, attendee and General Manager, Mgmt Services Dept, City of Scottsdale , Innovative Technology 3 Conference

"Arden, your presentation was key to the success of IT3, a mind-opening, thought-provoking experience that rejuvenated my innovative spirit. Many thanks for a memorable performance!"
-- Will Rodgers, Innovator and Organizer, Innovative Thinking 3 Conference

"Albert Einstein provided our conference with an energizing start, a creative boost, and surprise visits throughout that really made our two days unique. A brilliant mind, brilliantly portrayed, and a delight to all in attendance."
-- Dick Bowers, City Manager, Scottsdale, AZ, Innovative Thinking 3 Conference

"You are an absolutely consummate Dr. Albert Einstein. The knowledge you bring with your persona is what dazzles the audience. The message you bring has enduring value for nurturing creativity: Don't clutter your mind; Be aware not just of one point of view; See what everyone sees and think what no one else has thought; Be open to things you cannot prove in the moment; Listen to the whisper. Normally I do not share the comments on the feedback cards with the speaker. You generated so much enthusiasm from such a seasoned audience, I want you to have them. Just consider that some of our members have been hearing 48 speakers a year for 21 years. This was the first time that I could ever visualize E=mc2. If ever I can serve as a reference for you for going into schools, too, I would be happy to do so. We hope you enjoyed celebrating Einstein's birthday with us, because we surely did with you!"
-- Adrian Windsor, Ph.D., Program Director, Inside Edge

"Your outstanding presentation to 300 students, their families and community business and education members was enjoyed by all. Thought provoking ideas from a master innovator gave us new insights and inspiration. We felt the presence of a man with rare intelligence, who truly appreciated the creative mind."
-- JoAnne Schaper, Coordinator, Invent America - San Diego County

"We knew it would be no small task to select the appropriate speaker to inspire a characteristically skeptical, methodical audience. To our amazement and obvious delight, 'Einstein' captivated the entire audience..."
-- Fred W. Streicher, Director of External Relations, Iowa Soc of Professional Engineers

"Simply fantastic. Your diligence in learning about our unique technology had a strong impact. Everyone left the meeting upbeat, excited, and saying 'Best meeting we have ever had!'"
-- Nathan Dodds, General Manager, JJ Mauget Company

"One of the best interviews I have ever had on Talk Radio 'Changes Are Visible.' You have style, image, great talent. Arden, you are thought-provoking and entertaining, a consummate professional, with a great understanding of your audience."
-- Philip Simenton, CPA, Producer and Host, KCLA American Radio Network

"No one else does what Dr. Bercovitz does quite so engagingly. He provides a valuable and unique creative program and seems a perfect fit for businesses looking for an inspirational program, especially those with a science background."
-- Eliot Gunner, Associate, Keppler Associates Speakers Bureau

"You are one of the best speakers we have had. Your willingness to share your knowledge of Einstein in such a personal manner was excellent. Superb."
-- Doug McPhee, VP, Kiwanis, Del Mar

"So unique and timely...After listening to you, I realized that every once in a while I should take the time to think and reflect. Your suggestion of turning the car radio off and letting my mind wonder, is a simple yet very effective idea."
-- Lee Silber, author, Lee Silber

"Lots of smiles on lots of faces! I'm really pleased."
-- Paul Van Middlesworth, VP, Lions Club San Marcos CA

"Arden Bercovitz's contribution was extremely important and helped meet our objectives of having the participants more fully understand that effective leadership is a key to future successful management strategies."
-- V Rampulla, Program Chair, Los Angeles County Management Assoc

"The highlight...Your ideas and concepts have enhanced the abilities of my managers and empowered them to 'think out of the box'...very pleased with your preparation and your ability to relate to police personnel."
-- Bryan Lewis, Chief, Los Angeles County Office Public Safety

"A pleasure working with you. Thanks for the insight and the flexibility in your presentation. I know attendees really enjoyed you. I look forward to working with you again."
-- Pat Varrieur, President, MARKITECT Productions

"You were the hit and offered more positive action-oriented suggestions than any of the other speakers."
-- Allan R. Atkins, VP, McDonnell Douglas Technologies

"It was a stroke of genius to have you speak...Keeping your appearance a total surprise was a terrific enhancement. You made me look good and I am eternally grateful."
-- David Bird, Ph.D., Professor and Program Chair, McGill University

"Einstein provided an energizing start, a creative boost, and surprise visits throughout the conference. Made our two days really unique. A brilliant mind, brilliantly portrayed, and a delight to all in attendance."
-- Tim Brown, Programs, Meeting Professionals Intl

"I am confident that, thanks to your help and coaching, our sales and marketing team can now succeed by finding the grooves rather than the ruts."
-- John Kraeutler, President & COO, Meridian Bioscience Inc.

"Thank you for an afternoon of science adventure for our community. I've enclosed a very visual local article, a tribute to your message, considering the writer was blind..."
-- Karol Childs, Science Coordinator, Midland Center for the Arts

"Some of us were skeptical when deciding to bring you in, but your message was unbelievably effective and so well received by staff and attorneys alike, we would not hesitate recommending you for other professional service organizations. You allowed us to have fun, yet deal with a sensitive topic in a way that will be remembered."
-- Renn Yorgason, Administrative Director, Moffatt Thomas Barrett Law

"Everyone was most impressed with the prior research you had done on our industry and company...your talk was tailored well to the needs of MAS and its customers. I highly recommend your presentation to any organization looking for an unusual, creative way of presenting core ideas of such a great thinker as Albert Einstein. Whether in the public or private sector, they would stand to gain from exposing their personnel to his ideas."
-- Carl Root, Corporate Communications, Monitoring Automation Systems

"Arden delivered a powerful message, coupled with humor and levity. It is not often that we have the opportunity to receive insights and learnings with the light-hearted touch and sensitivity that he delivers... done exceptionally well. Arden spent considerable time getting to understand our organization and concerns. He adapted his message and found connections throughout, holding their attention captive for the entire program.?
-- MT, Training Manager, Motiva Oil

"Still receiving 'wows' about the authenticity and content of your message."
-- Stephanie Nowack, Marketing Services Manager, Motorola Satellite Communications

"Everyone at the Idaho National Laboratory and the Museum of Idaho, teachers and students had high marks for the performance of Einstein Alive and Dr. Arden Bercovitz. You were perfect for our program and I would hope that we can invite you back for another visit. (Our three day total attendance was 4,500, nearly 10% the population of Idaho Falls!)"
-- Nick Gailey, Director of Programs, Museum of Idaho

"We were enchanted. Everyone was wondering how you knew so much about them. Your deft fielding of impromptu questions and the way you used them to further the themes of your talk simply had people marveling."
-- James Manning, Planetarium Director, Museum of the Rockies

"Your ability to capture Albert Einstein's genius was educational, marvelously entertaining, thought provoking, and inspirational all at the same time. You enriched all..."
-- Pamela Tennyson, Deputy Dir Admin, National Reconnaissance Office (NRO-DOD)

"You were beyond magnificent at Nashville. Such magic. Such tailoring to the audience. You make them feel so great about what THEY do. You are superb."
-- Rosita Perez, member, CPAE, Cavett Award Winner, National Speakers Association

"Superb in making the panel members feel comfortable, keeping the discussion flowing, making flawless transitions between the topics, and keeping a lively banter with the group. You're a pleasure to work with, such a high caliber of class and professionalism. You have such a positive attitude, cheerfulness, an interesting perspective and a big heart."
-- Debbie Bermont, Chapter President, National Speakers Association - San Diego Chapter

"I have now dubbed thee King of Follow Up and Networking."
-- Don Jenkins, Associate, National Speakers Bureau

"On a 5 point scale, 5 being best, your rating of 4.00 is a little misleading. 42% gave you a 5 and several said your session was the best thing about our conference. 32% gave you a 4 and the balance of folks, who Just Didn't Get It or didn't want to be challenged, gave your 3 or less. Despite the numbers, your innovative message may even sneak in under the radar of our vocal naysayers. My next keynoter opportunity is in March and you're already on the short list. Thanks in advance for the post-event tele-refresher session. We've never offered any kind of follow up to our annual conference attendees and this will be an interesting test. Arden, I enjoyed working with you."
-- Neil Schwartz, Sr Events Mgr (CA Credit Union League), National Youth Involvement Board

"You provided our attendees with an in-depth look at how to be more creative and to beware of 'improvements that make things worse.' I will recommend you to others within the DOD."
-- W Mauenstein, Director, Navy Dept of Acquisitions

"Arden was AWESOME!!! Arden is such a super nice guy, so totally easy to work with."
-- Katie Demarest, Education Coordinator, neill corp

"Thanks for getting me to THINK! Growth only comes through reflection."
-- Edward Wong, Director Elementary Education, Norwalk La Mirada Administrators Assoc

"Our attendees were very enthusiastic about Arden's message, which is really saying something since we often favor traditional presentations!"
-- Michell Von Ville, Program Coordinator, Ohio Dept of Transportation

"Entertaining, inspirational and appropriate... you knew a lot about the purpose for our meeting and the current environment... I'm pleased to recommend you to others looking for an inspirational speaker with scientific context."
-- B Littman, Exec Dir Experimental Medicine, Pfizer Global Res & Development

"We learned a lot, laughed a lot, and you gave us a lot to think about!"
-- Lea Smith, Conference Chair, Rotary District 5170

A fitting speaker kicked off our 2005 Suppliers Leadership Conference and brought clear meaning to our theme: "value innovation." Who better to introduce the subject and teach us methods of innovative thinking than Einstein himself, aka Dr Arden Bercovitz. His call to action was an inspiration to change everyone's normal way of thinking.
-- Jeff Danis, VP Supply Chain Management, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

"One of the top sessions - excellent ratings."
-- Scott Belch, Exec Dir, San Diego County Apartment Association

"...truly exceptional. You made us think, challenged our mind-sets, taught us, and entertained us! A very valuable 60 minutes for our management team."
-- Jan Cetti, President and CEO, San Diego Hospice

"...still talking about your presentation. You have been able to get them to think 'out of the box' about the fact that diversity includes the 'diversity of ideas!' Largest of any diversity-related event we ever held..."
-- Rochelle Lari, Diversity Consultant, Sandia National Laboratories

"A packed house! You struck a live nerve among the Sandia staff."
-- John C. Crawford, Executive Vice President Deputy Director, Sandia National Laboratories

"One of the best we've ever hosted. I could hear 'Einsteinisms' being discussed everywhere and with passion...You really made a difference!"
-- Debbie Noel, Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories

"Outstanding job! Some comments: 'What fun, and concepts so important for us to learn.' 'How did he know all those things about us? 'It really made it special to have our companies and people referred to.' 'Having Einstein not only made it fun, but gave the message an extra punch.' We were impressed."
-- Peggy Covert, Executive Director, SDSU Professional Development

"Thank you so very much for your work last week during our Celebration of Public Service. You inspired, you motivated, you recognized our employees and made them feel valued. I would not have changed a single thing about the program. I hope our paths cross again."
-- Anne Tiernan, Exec Dir, Seattle Federal Executive Board

"Really enjoyed your talk at Shared Vision the other day. My Microsoft Word helper is Einstein and now I think of you when he pops up. I am going to borrow some of the quotes for my financial newsletter."
-- Matthew Naniola Pavich, attendee/ VP Investments Wedmush Morgan Securities, Shared Vision

"Your performance as Einstein was FANTASTIC. By far, you shined above the rest! I wanted to take notes, but didn't want to miss a thing, it was so intriguing, captivating and refreshing. If only everyone could hear your message, the world would surely be a brighter and more profitable place."
-- DianaLee, Member, Shared Vision Network

"Educational, inspiring, and entertaining. Judging from the evaluations, there will be more science taught in the classroom. Wonderful."
-- Sonia Siegel Vexler, Public Education Specialist, Snohomish County PUD Science Teachers Conf

"I groked your presentation a great deal, and had many wonderful conversations with other attendees about it."
-- Ira Blatt, Past President, Society of Insurance Trainers & Educators

"Excellent performance at our Inventors' Banquet. You certainly did your homework to identify key motivators and messages for our creative people...a perfect match for our celebration."
-- David Esbeck, VP, Engineering, Solar Turbines

"Arden is our most requested innovation speaker."
-- Greg Teal, Account Executive, Speakers Platform

"You were spectacular in Nashville. The material was right on! Please, Please use SCT as a reference. You exceeded my expectations."
-- Frank Tait, VP Marketing, Systems and Computing Tech

"It was all that and more!!! A fascinating hour. My listeners loved it, and continued to call and comment on the interview through the remaining hours... Several 'Einsteins' called to reveal their theories connecting Einstein to all kinds of present day people and events...... There were lots of zipper jokes.....even political theories involving Einstein and Al Gore (extremely sarcastic theories)..... And.....I'm still getting positive feedback..... Of course I'd love to have you back on the show, for a 'back by popular demand' follow-up!!!!!! Thanks again for one of my favorite hours in radio......"
-- Judi Paprelli, "JudiWorld" Producer, Talk America Radio Network

"A stroke of genius to give participants a chance to have their photo taken with Einstein. 120 photos in 40 minutes. This must lead to some new theory of photo-relativity. I know that it was an extra bonus for these people to 'take you home with them.'"
-- Dr. Joel Goodman, Director, The HUMOR Project

"Infused the day with creative energy. Referenced throughout the day. Impressive impact
-- B.R. Williams, US Director, The Lab

"I never saw the entire medical staff give a speaker such rapt attention for so long."
-- Gabriel S Weiss MD, Chair Department of Medicine, Tri-City Medical Center

"Through your unique delivery we introduced our managers and supervisors to leadership concepts, team building strategies, and innovative thinking approaches. Your process gave us tools to tap into our brainpower, enhancing innovation at all levels of the organization. US West will be Thinking Bigger and Better More Often! Thanks again for two fun-filled mornings of entertaining and interactive education."
-- Linda Muller and Bill Stack, Sr Prod Devel and Manager Mkt Planning, U S West

"If you need to change people's behavior and habits on how they see things, then look no further than this Einstein Guy. He has come back to us three times."
-- J Kwan, VP Global Supply Mgmt, Unilever Corp

"You were a breath of fresh air."
-- Judy Cain, Editor of Academic Bulletins, University of Oklahoma

"Innovative, entertaining and kept us focused."
-- V Grizzle, CCLD Admin - Camp Pendelton MCB, US Marine Corp Civilian Career Leadership Development

"Mix of delight and brain teasers."
-- Dawn Carey, Director of Civilian Leadership Development, US Marine Corp., Miramar AFB

"Your thorough knowledge of Albert Einstein's life and ability to transform yourself into Einstein is awe-inspiring. Your ability to make connections and teach lessons and techniques for creative thinking as Einstein, is remarkable."
-- Kolman Rosenberg, Ed Service Rep., Veterans Administration Hospital VISN 10

"Einstein synthesized the elements of our conference, reminding us of pearls of wisdom made relevant to our daily lives. Arden's style kept us engaged, even after two intense days of conferencing. Arden brings science to life. He also communicates a message of taking time to see, listen and value who we are and what we are about. In gifted education, we have need for that message on a daily basis."
-- Gail Hanninen, Ph.D., Director Student & Academic Services, WA Assoc Educators Talented & Gifted

"Arden tells one of my favorite Einstein stories in such a visual way that everyone in the audience sees the details in the theater of their minds. As a young boy Albert Einstein dreamed of riding out into the deep blue of the universe seated on a ray of light and traveling at the speed of light. In one hand he held a clock, in the other a mirror. That dream was the birth of Einstein's theory of relativity."
-- Dottie Walters, Founder, Walters International Speakers Bureau

"You've been terrrrific to work with!"
-- Carole Van Brocklin, President, Winners' Circle Speaker Bureau

Albert Einstein Creativity quotes
"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."
Read Creativity Quotes by Einstein...
Anne Tiernan, Exec. Dir., Seattle Federal Executive Board

One of the best interviews I have ever had on Talk Radio 'Changes Are Visible.' You have style, image, great talent. Arden, you are thought-provoking and entertaining, a consummate professional, with a great understanding of your audience.
- Philip Simenton, CPA, Producer and Host, KCLA American Radio Network

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