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Client List

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Note: starred (*) clients link to their testimonials

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   ACT Network
   Appleton Ideas
   Astec Power
   AstraZeneca Intl
   AT&T Universal Card Services
   BASF Auto Paint Division
   Bayer Crop Sciences
   BFM Energy Products
   Biogen Idec (*)
   Brattle Group
   Cadence Design Systems
   Carolina Power and Light
   Carondelet Health Care (*)
   Century 21 Pacific Relocation Associates
   Cleveland Chiropractic College
   Columbus Children's Hospital (*)
   CORELWORLD User Conference (*)
   CR Bard, Inc (*)
   Creative Training Techniques
   Digitalk User Conference
   Discount Car and Truck Rental
   Dow Corning Corp
   Eastman Chemical  (*)
   Edward Poll and Associates
   Edwards High Vacuum Intl (*)
   eLynx, Ltd. (*)
   Fisher-Rosemont Systems
   Flow International
   Ford Motor Company
   General Dynamics Electronic Div
   GTE Public Communications (*)
   GTE S CA Region (*)
   Guy Carpenter & Co
   Halton Group (*)
   Hennepin Technical College (*)
   Hennepin Technical College (*)
   Hewlett Packard
   Hughes Missile Systems (*)
   IBM GTS / Genelco Software Solutions (*)
   Illinois Tool Works - Fastex/Jemco (*)
   JJ Mauget Company (*)
   LBMS Users Conference
   Leach Corporation
   Loral Electro-Optical Systems
   Lucas Westin
   Lucent Technologies
   M & I Data Services Users Conference
   MARKITECT Productions (*)
   Marriott Hotels - Engineers
   Master Brand (Shrock) Cabinets
   McDonnell Douglas Technologies (*)
   McGill University (*)
   McNeil Consumer Products
   MDU Resource Group
   Meridian Bioscience Inc. (*)
   Micro Age
   Moffatt Thomas Barrett Law (*)
   Monitoring Automation Systems (*)
   Motiva Oil (*)
   Motorola CEO Group
   Motorola Gov/Space Group
   Motorola Satellite Communications (*)
   Motorola Sector Technologies
   Motorola Systems on Chip
   neill corp (*)
   Pfizer Global Res & Development (*)
   Price Waterhouse
   Roche Vitamins
   Rohr Industries
   Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (*)
   San Diego County Credit Union
   San Diego Hospice (*)
   Sartorius Trade Show
   Scientific Atlanta
   Searle Pharmaceuticals
   Shared Vision Network (*)
   Solar Turbines (*)
   Solvay Pharmaceutical
   Spirit Bank
   St Lukes Episcopal Hospital
   Suunto USA
   Systems and Computing Tech (*)
   The HUMOR Project (*)
   The Lab (*)
   The Principal Financial Group
   Trega Bio Science
   Tri-City Medical Center (*)
   U S West (*)
   Unilever Corp (*)
   University Club
   Vital Processing Services

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Albert Einstein Creativity quotes
"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."
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Anne Tiernan, Exec. Dir., Seattle Federal Executive Board

Superb in making the panel members feel comfortable, keeping the discussion flowing, making flawless transitions between the topics, and keeping a lively banter with the group. You're a pleasure to work with, such a high caliber of class and professionalism. You have such a positive attitude, cheerfulness, an interesting perspective and a big heart.
- Debbie Bermont, Chapter President, National Speakers Association - San Diego Chapter

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