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Creative Venues for Einstein Alive

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Flexible thinking tactics are a key message and a hallmark of Einstein Alive programs. That translates into many creative ways to help your organization establish and maintain motivated, productive, positive teams. Dr. Bercovitz provides innovative, practical tips and tools that help individuals unlock their own inherent brilliance and adopt new ways of thinking and acting. Many roads lead to Rome, and you have many creative options:

A Day of Genius: A memorable way to recognize, celebrate and integrate a company-wide commitment to innovation in ways that improve the bottom line, enhance employee relations, and encourage community involvement. Click here for flyer.

   Openings: Set your theme, open minds, promote mental flexibility, increase collaboration for your meeting.
   Mid-way: Refresh and re-energize your audience, and keep them on track.
   Closing: Send them home inspired and thought-full. Help them clarify important take home values and ideas, and plant seed thoughts for future work.

Breakfasts, Luncheons and Evening Banquets: Stimulate discovery, encourage exploration, add food for thought, and create inspiration among groups, big and small, inside or outside your organization.

Workshops and Breakouts: Simple, practical motivational and inspirational tools that your people can use immediately. Dr. B can improve meeting attendance and involvement by giving your meeting pizzazz.

Create Continuity with Pop-Up™ Appearances: Plan some "unexpected" and strategic "Pop Up"™ appearances. Einstein, a fearless questioner, becomes an "Eine-con" to accelerate learning, heighten curiosity, reinforce your theme, clarify key points, and tie- down remarks from other speakers. A terrific preoccupation breaker! City of Scottsdale testimonial

User Groups - hardware, software developers, customers: Increase user loyalties, encourage product use and boost partnership potential. Recognize and reward excellent service, support and collaboration as well. After all, Einstein was one of the first geeks to be chic.

Retreats, Power Players and VIP Events: Honor, challenge, celebrate your top people, and stimulate more contributions, appropriate for customers and suppliers, too.

Build Excitement around a Theme: Strobes, black lights, colored beams, pulses, fiber optics, shimmers, and Van De Graph generators set the tone. Space music enhances the mood. Themes can be med, bio, ed, future, rocketry, historical, sci-fi, mechanical, robotical, hi tech. Creativity galore!

Award Celebrations: Special recognition for excellence and creative contribution - Einstein is a great example to celebrate and reward individual or team-based genius, and encourage the entire group, too.

"Picture This!"™ Photo Opportunity: Watch them line up to have their photo taken with Einstein (you can put your logo in the background). It's picture perfect! Humor Project testimonial

All-Hands Events: Einstein Alive programs are versatile and universal. Dr. B, as Einstein, appeals to techs, top execs, R&D or general staff, and VIP's from all levels of education and responsibility. You can even sponsor family focused or open-to-the-community events at your HQ.

Trade Shows, Sales Events, and Product Roll-outs Extraordinaire: Einstein shares your message with either your specially-invited guests in a private space, or from the main stage, with everyone. Enhance customer awareness. Einstein Alive is a genius way to boost booth traffic and sales, or enhance special events. Lots of options to consider regarding pre and post-show special promotions.

Training Videos: A series of short lessons by Einstein on CD or DVD reinforces their learning, our message, and post-event implementation of innovative changes.

Custom Video: Lots of ideas. Continue the message. Be creative!

  • "Smart Quotes"™ Kick off and wind down each day with an inspiring clip of Einstein delivering the quote of the day, with a short blurb, just for them. It's also a great way to refocus them and bring them back, after breaks.
  • "Sharing Genius"™ Create a video with appeal to the head and the heart. Your CEO shares his vision, values, and direction during an interview by Einstein. Edit for new employees, recruiting, training, or....?
  • "Surprise Starter"™ Trick your audience with a brief video of Einstein opening your meeting, then have him appear "for real," to deliver the keynote.

Surprise "Nobel Prize Winner" Guest Speaker: Keep Einstein a secret. We'll suggest fun ways to promote this idea and how to build expectations and attendance. Advertise Bercovitz then use our "Switcher-oo" technique to introduce Einstein. Great fun!

"Einstein Quotables"™: It's simple to add a thread of continuity when other speakers quote Einstein! Memorable and magical moments! Visit our database of favorite Einstein Quotations

Family Events: Retain employees, stimulate loyalty, and inspire our youth. Provide them a special audience with Einstein, intended for all your employees and their families - appropriate for ages 8 to 108. If you have access to a large venue, we can open this event to the public, too, and build your reputation within your community.

School Sponsorship: Sponsor Einstein Alive assemblies into your local schools and colleges. Plan one or more days for Einstein to visit hundreds of local students, stimulate interest in science, teach critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as ideation. Nurture your future employees! Click here to visit Champions of Science and Math.

Get started by filling out our Booking Request or call us directly.

Albert Einstein Change Management quotes
"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."
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Anne Tiernan, Exec. Dir., Seattle Federal Executive Board

We were enchanted. Everyone was wondering how you knew so much about them. Your deft fielding of impromptu questions and the way you used them to further the themes of your talk simply had people marveling.
- James Manning, Planetarium Director, Museum of the Rockies

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