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Audio and Video Clips

Samples were with live audiences

Einstein Alive Video Demo #1 (19:54)

"Diversity of Ideas": Dr. Arden Bercovitz, as Einstein Alive, shares insights and imagination at Ford's Annual Diversity Summit. This unedited 20 min video was the beginning of a 60 min opening keynote.

Einstein Alive Video Demo #2 (14:55)

A buffet of ideas highlighting Einstein's playfulness and his insights about thinking with pictures and seeking alternatives. A composite of corporate and affiliation clients, large and small audiences.

Champions for Science and Math (1:54)

Your company can "Become A Local Hero," like Idaho National Labs, The Museum of Idaho & The Bank of Idaho did. Co-sponsoring an exceptional Science & Engineering Expo. They worked with Dr Arden Bercovitz to stimulate interest & enthusiasm for science & math education in Idaho Falls. Bus loads of 7-8th graders came for two days, then entire families enjoyed day three. Contact to work in your community.

Arden Bercovitz, Certified Speaking ProfessionalJoin Dr. Arden Bercovitz in a lively discussion, with San Diego FM103.7 radio host Roger Price, for a 42 minute interview - The Free Success for Men Show, 9/03/06.

Part 1 is now playing - Dr. B shares "5 Fertile Ways to Work with Inspired Success." Learn how to use the wisdom of others to become your own internal guides to success. Some of Einstein's best quotes for success are also explored.

Part 2 - Dr. B also gives a priceless practical tip about preventing problems by implementing a "No Schlimmbe™ Policy!"

Part 3 - Last but not least, Arden explains why it's important and how this audience (maybe you, too) can "Become a Local Hero for Science & Math Education." Enjoy the show.

3/13/08 - FOX 6 San Diego, "San Diego Living"

Albert joins San Diego Living in celebration the day before his 129th birthday.

3/14/05 - FOX 6 San Diego, "Fox in the Morning"

Dr. B on FOX 6 celebrating Einstein's 126th birthday and his "Miraculous Year".

Albert Einstein Diversity and Communication quotes
"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."
Read Diversity and Communication Quotes by Einstein...
Anne Tiernan, Exec. Dir., Seattle Federal Executive Board

SDSU Professional Development
Attendees said: 'How did he know all those things about us?' 'It really made it special to have our companies and people referred to.' 'Having Einstein not only made it fun, but gave the message an extra punch.' We were impressed.
- Peggy Covert, Executive Director, SDSU Professional Development

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