Einstein Alive!

Audio Visual Requirements

First Choice: Please provide an onsite computer and digital projection system - Dr. B will bring a fully developed PowerPoint on CD. A computer/projection system that allows him to use this method is optimal.

Second Choice: Onsite digital projection system - Dr. B will bring and use his own laptop computer to drive his PowerPoint presentation.

Microphone - A wireless lapel microphone is preferred. A hand-held wireless microphone is the second choice. A wired microphone is third choice.

Screen - Please arrange for the largest screen possible. Place the screen as high as possible, off to one side of the stage.

Lighting - Please arrange lighting so Dr. B is well lighted, yet the screen is not washed out.

Props Table - Please provide a small cocktail table, placed at the front of the room, for Dr. B's props. No lectern will be needed by Dr. B.

Room Layout - Dr. B likes to be as close to his audience as possible. Please do not create a gulf by placing a dance floor or large space between Dr. B and the first rows or tables. Please leave enough space for Dr. B to walk between the front tables. If the room is very wide and shallow, or very deep and narrow, please let us know so we can work with you to create the best arrangement.

Music - Einstein loved Mozart. It's a good choice for background music.

Riser - Dr. B, like Einstein, is not a tall man. Risers are recommended for audiences over 100. T-shaped risers are great for larger audiences.

Displays - Workshops require 2 Flip charts with easels and markers.

Optional Product Table - A product table positioned by the exit door.
An assistant/volunteer is requested and appreciated.

Thank you.

Albert Einstein Diversity and Communication quotes
"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."
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