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Meeting Planner's To Do List

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This handy list will help you keep on top of the details required for Dr. Bercovitz's event. If any of the instructions are problematic, please let us know. Einstein Alive is very flexible.

Virtually everything you'll need for your program is at

Photos  |   Intros  |   Biography  |   A/V Needs

Immediate To Do's:

1. ____ Return signed contract and deposit within two weeks (mail to Einstein Alive or to your speakers bureau)
2. ____ Return Pre-Program Questionnaire at least six weeks before event to Einstein Alive!
3. ____ Please provide material to familiarize Dr. B with your organization
.......a. Recent Annual report
.......b. Sales literature for hottest available or pending products/services
.......c. Newsletters
.......d. Recent employee survey results
.......e. Recent advertisements and PR announcements
4. ____ Please send a digitized copy of your logo and copies of all promotions for this event to Einstein Alive!
5. ____ Arrange for Dr. B to interview key people by phone
6. ____ Please add Dr. B to your communications list. His e-mail is
7. ____ Order educational products and enhancement gifts from Einstein Alive!
8. ____ Do you want to audio or video tape Dr. B's presentation? If so, please discuss this with Dr. B. Please ask for our separate audio/video recording agreement.

Implementation Stage:

9. ____ Select and rehearse Dr. B's introducer. Please use intros provided here
10. ____ Let us know when you need Dr. B for an a/v and lighting check
11. ____ Arrange pre or post event special conference with key staff or board members
12. ____ Brainstorm with Dr. B about the focus of your survey or evaluation form

As appropriate:

13. ____ Arrange hotel, booked to master account. Dr. B prefers a non-smoking room. Any size bed is fine. EA office will book air travel
14. ____ Arrange airport pick up and drop off
.................. ____ Or shall Dr. B arrange for a rental car or take a shuttle?
15. ____ Arrange for audio or video recording
16. ____ Work with Einstein Alive to arrange for external media coverage and PR
17. ____ Arrange for internal or external PR, pre or post event
18. ____ Plan for a photo opportunity with Einstein, establish a time and location
.................. ____ photographer and camera
.................. ____ backdrop or setting (something with your company name or logo)
19. ____ Arrange logistics if Einstein Alive is a surprise
.................. Where is he to hide before being introduced and coming on stage?
.................. Do you want to provide clues about the special surprise speaker?
20. ____ Arrange security clearance for Dr. B's laptop computer or CD with PowerPoint file (for slide generation) to be brought on and off site
21. ____ Arrange for a parking permit and reserved parking
22. ____ Arrange for product table
23. ____ Arrange for product sales assistance (we supply a cash box)
24. ____ If Dr. B is not staying on site, please arrange a private space for him to get into costume. He needs 20 minutes.

After the Event:

25. ____ Please send copies of any press pick-up you may have received
26. ____ Share your audience evaluations with Einstein Alive
27. ____ Please expedite payment of balance
28. ____ Please expedite expense reimbursement submitted separately
29. ____ If you are pleased by Einstein's impact, satisfied with our results, and enthused by the whole Einstein Alive experience, please send Dr B. a brief testimonial and be our champion for any referrals.

Thank You!

Albert Einstein Creativity quotes
"Never let yourself be seduced by any problem, no matter how difficult."
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Anne Tiernan, Exec. Dir., Seattle Federal Executive Board

It was all that and more!!! A fascinating hour. My listeners loved it, and continued to call and comment on the interview through the remaining hours... Several 'Einsteins' called to reveal their theories connecting Einstein to all kinds of present day people and events...... There were lots of zipper jokes.....even political theories involving Einstein and Al Gore (extremely sarcastic theories)..... And.....I'm still getting positive feedback..... Of course I'd love to have you back on the show, for a 'back by popular demand' follow-up!!!!!! Thanks again for one of my favorite hours in radio...
- Judi Paprelli, "JudiWorld" Producer, Talk America Radio Network

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