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Welcome Speaker Bureaus!

We at Einstein Alive are proud to be associated with some of the finest international speakers bureaus in the business. We are currently listed with dozens of bureaus, and we are always open to partnering with more bureaus who want to better serve their technology and life science industry clients by including Einstein as an ingenious option.

We appreciate and take great care in nurturing our bureau business. We also have our favorite bureaus, who are actively booking Dr. Bercovitz: American Speakers Association, Blue Feather Management, Can Speak SB, Eagles Talent Connections, Educators Network, Gold Stars SB, Keppler Associates, Key SB, Keynote SB, National SB, Orange County SB, Otellus SB, Promenade SB, Santa Barbara SB, and Speakers Platform.

If you'd like to work more closely with Einstein Alive, we welcome your inquiry. Simply call Dr. Bercovitz at 760-726-1124, or email him at . We have our own simplified bureau update process and we also are a member of espeakers.com, so it's never been easier to add Dr. B and Einstein to your roster of professional speakers.


We also maintain a bureau-friendly website: www.ABSpeaker.com

We offer you special bureau-only information here.

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Albert Einstein Creativity quotes
"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."
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Anne Tiernan, Exec. Dir., Seattle Federal Executive Board

Walters International Speakers Bureau
Arden tells one of my favorite Einstein stories in such a visual way that everyone in the audience sees the details in the theater of their minds. As a young boy Albert Einstein dreamed of riding out into the deep blue of the universe seated on a ray of light and traveling at the speed of light. In one hand he held a clock, in the other a mirror. That dream was the birth of Einstein's theory of relativity.
- Dottie Walters, Founder, Walters International Speakers Bureau

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