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Note: starred (*) clients link to their testimonials

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Speakers Bureaus and Peers

   Alessandra, Tony (*)
   American Speakers Associates
   Blue Feather Management
   Can Speak Speakers Bureau
   Cathcart Institute (*)
   Cathcart Institute (*)
   Chilcurn Communications (*)
   Dr. B's Mom (*)
   Eagles Talent Associates
   Gold Stars Speakers Bureau
   Great Speakers Speakers Bureau
   Hollywood Lookalikes
   Keppler Associates Speakers Bureau (*)
   Key Speakers Bureau
   Lee Silber (*)
   Meeting Professionals Intl (*)
   Morley Companies
   National Speakers Association (*)
   National Speakers Association - San Diego Chapter (*)
   National Speakers Bureau (*)
   Orange County Speakers Bureau
   Orlando-Ward and Associates
   Santa Barbara Speakers Bureau
   Shamon Frietas Model and Talent Agency
   Speakers Platform (*)
   Speakers Plus! Worldwide Speakers Bureau
   The Agency Speakers Bureau
   Walters International Speakers Bureau (*)
   Winners' Circle Speaker Bureau (*)

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Albert Einstein Leadership and Management quotes
"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them."
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Anne Tiernan, Exec. Dir., Seattle Federal Executive Board

Thank you for helping us nearly DOUBLE the number of leads we captured. Your presentations, sales focus, energy and enthusiasm made the difference. The customer "Food for Thought" breakfast extended our reach...customers came away with a new appreciation for creativity and scientific process. Feedback from sales engineers and managers who manned the booth is incredibly positive! Our sales folks also found new inspiration. You made me look good - and you helped Edwards differentiate ourselves positively. We couldn't have done it without you!
- Gwynne Jamieson, Mgr Mktg Communications, Edwards High Vacuum Intl

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