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As the "someone unique" you've been looking for, Dr. Arden Bercovitz, in character as Albert Einstein, shares information that will help your people adopt new ways of thinking and acting, resulting in positive changes that will impact your entire organization.

Dr. B's motivational speeches and workshops deliver practical tips, stories for inspiration, and intelligent humor to spark the kind of reappraisal that Einstein was talking about - and encourage common sense and creative growth in any organization.


  • Change and Culture Shifts
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Diversity
  • Sales
  • Team Building
  • Character Portrayal


A Day of Genius - The Einstein Way!

1 Day + 3 Audiences = Multiple + Mutual Benefits
What if Einstein's tools of thought, new ways of seeing, thinking and acting could be spread throughout corporate ranks? Imagine, Einstein on site at HQ, for an entire day, inspiring several audiences, expanding alternatives, challenging assumptions, and demonstrating ways to change outmoded thinking!
Full pdf flyer.

Intelligent Change - The Einstein Way!

Knowledge workers today are bombarded with mind-boggling changes in business processes, new products, tougher competitors and new technologies. Dr. B helps companies and organizations to break down mental barriers and overcome resistance to change, opening up new possibilities and new ways of thinking and acting.
Full pdf flyer.
1. Learn to choose and use the right mental tools
2. Apply brain-boosting principles to maximize learning and minimize burnout
3. Leverage clear thinking with better questioning

Change Your Thinking Today - The Einstein Way!

When you want better ideas from your employees in order to create breakthrough products or services and to stay ahead of your competitors, it's important to inspire them to think BIG! Dr. B shares simple tools and practical techniques that will lead you to new markets, extra sales, more satisfied customers and happier employees.
Full pdf flyer.
1. Learn how to define the right problem to get to the best solutions
2. Experience the power of thinking with pictures
3. Learn to leverage mental resources to recognize new opportunities
4. Apply brain-boosting principles, practical tactics, accelerated learning strategies
5. Make and take more time to think

Discover a Diversity of Ideas - The Einstein Way!

In today's competitive and changing world, a diversity of ideas is your path to profits. Diversity issues go beyond race and gender. This presentation will inspire your organization to create a culture that learns to trust its differences. Help your people get unstuck from outmoded ways of doing, and motivate them to create a work environment that thrives because everyone contributes.
Full pdf flyer.
1. Leverage diversity through thinking with pictures
2. Learn how to define multiple right answers
3. Maximize adult learning and minimize burnout
4. Leverage your own diverse mental resources for clearer thinking

Strudel for the Noodle - The Einstein Way!

"Einstein Lite" is the perfect mental aperitif when your needs are more inspirational and humorous than heady. Albert's stories about absent mindedness, his reliance on intuition, his candor and total lack of pretense will charm your banqueteers, especially the heady ones.

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Albert Einstein Creativity quotes
"Common sense needs constant reappraisal."
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Anne Tiernan, Exec. Dir., Seattle Federal Executive Board

Hughes Missile Systems
Fantastic job!...Einstein understood us! Your voice and mannerisms instantly made us feel comfortable...Your insights were readily accepted. Einstein's insights are still applicable today. Managers are sharing Einstein quotes and insights in their staff meetings. A complete success!
- Jennifer Horton, HTMC President, Hughes Missile Systems

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